Sweet Chilli Pepper Conservation

The sweet chilli pepper conservation is a slow process that can easily last more than 5 days. But the results worth the waiting because both the chilli pepper and the sugar solution can be used - practically 100% of effective use. The chilli pepper start to retain the sugar in their cells. The sugar solution gets thicker day after day until it acquires a syrup consistency and also the chilli pepper pungency.


You are more than encouraged to use your creativity after preparing your sweet chilli pepper and spicy syrup. You can use your sweet chilli pepper:


  • sliced into small pieces and used as bonbons or chocolate stuffing
  • decoration of puddins, cakes or pies
  • covered with a thin chocolate layer (mainly the mild varieties)
  • for decorating many other recipes


The spicy syrup can be used:


  • to make spicy candies and lollipops
  • on pancakes and many other dessert pastas
  • to sweet tees and hot chocolates, specially on cold weather
  • on the production of many other candied fruits, to give them a special and spicy taste


As mentioned above, the cadying process is slow and takes several days to be done. As in any other form of conservation, you must only use fresh chilli pepper without any kind of spots or marks on their surfaces. The chilli pepper with thin walls should be sliced in two, such as Habanero, Cayenne or Malagueta. The varieties with thick walls - such as Jalapeño or Poblano - must be sliced into thin strips. This procedure helps the chilli pepper absorbing the sugar from the syrup while the syrup starts to acquire the chili pepper pungency.


Below we'd like to present you a step by step guide on how to make your Sweet Chilli Pepper Conservation:


1st DAY:


  • prepare 250g of chillie pepper from your choice, as mentioned above: sliced into 2 pieces for varieties with thin walls and sliced into thin strips for varieties with thick walls
  • put 1Kg sugar and 1 liter water in a pan and mix well. Bring to boil until it gets a syrup like consistency (about 25 minutes)
  • sterilize a pot or any other glass recipient with cover. Place the chilli pepper inside of it and pour in the hot syrup up to the top of the glass and cover well. Place any excess of syrup inside another sterilized glass and cover well. Keep both glasses on cool place , protected from the light, for 24 hours
  • don´t forget to put papers sheets under the glasses to avoid the syrup to stick on the placing surface


2nd DAY:


  • pour the syrup back into the pan, using a sieve to hold the chilli pepper
  • add the syrup excess kept in a separated glass also into the pan
  • put the chilli peppers back to their original glass and add 60g sugar in the pan. Mix well and cook for 10 minutes
  • pour the hot syrup back into the chilli pepper glass, enoug to get up to the opening of the glass. Place any excess of syrup inside the other glass and cover well. Keep both glasses on cool place, protected from the light, for more 24 hours


3rd and 4th DAY:


Repeat the process from the 2nd day, adding more 60g sugar to the syrup daily.


5th DAY:


Repeat the process from the 2nd day, adding more 60g sugar to the syrup. At this time, both glasses (one for the chilli pepper and one for the syrup excess) must be kept on a cool, protected from the light, for 48 hours


7th DAY:


  • place all contents - chilli pepper and syrup - into a pan (included any syrup excess!). Mix well.
  • cook for 2 minutes over medium heat, take away from the fire and sieve the syrup inside the glasses. Cover tightly and your spicy syrup is ready to be used!
  • put all sieved chilli pepper on a grill or any similar grid for 2 and an half hour to dry. This will help remove all syrup excess. Don't forget to place papers under the grill or grid to absorb all syrup drops
  • after this first drying step, arrange all chilli pepper in a baking dish and bake them in a pre-heat oven with 120°C. Let the chilli pepper dry for 10 minutes. After this time, check to see if your chilli pepper are still sticky. If so, let them dry for more 10 minutes
  • let them cool and put the in a sterilized glass. Cover tightly and keep it in a cool place. Your chilli pepper can hold their colors longer if they're kept away from light exposure
  • your chilli pepper are ready to be used!