Species: Capsicum frutescens


Species Capsicum frutescens
Origin Peru
Scoville Unities 50.000 - 100.000
Pungency Degree 7
Unripe Color Green
Ripe Color Red
Length 40 mm
Diameter 10 mm

General Info

Malagueta chili pepper is one of the most famous chilis in Brazil, where it can be easily found on indoor or outdoor markets and in many other places. Malagueta is also used or known in recipes from other countries, such as Portugal, Mozambique and other African countries. In Portugal, the name Malagueta is generally used to designate some pungent varieties instead of an specific one. Malagueta is a pungent chili pepper, reaching an average of 60.000 SHU (Scoville Units).


Malagueta chili pepper is widely cultivated in Brazil, reaching easily more than 1,5 meters high and leaves varying in size from 50 x 100 millimeters to 75 x 140 ( width and length, respectively). Malagueta chili pepper can have an average diameter of 30mm and an average length of up to 75mm. As a common characteristic found on elongated chilis, the amount of seeds on each fruit is really reduced.

Gastronomy Tips and Info

Malagueta chili pepper is used on many, many brazilian recipes and also on the cuisine of some other countries. In Brazil, Malagueta is used in several different ways, found mainly in Vinegar Conservation and in many sauce recipes.