Species: Capsicum annuum

New Mexican ( Anaheim, California )

Species Capsicum annuum
Origin New Mexico, USA
Scoville Unities 500 - 1.000
Pungency Degree 1
Unripe Color Green
Ripe Color Red
Length 150 mm
Diameter 50 mm

General Info

Anaheim is considered to be a milder version of the New Mexican chili and not really na exclusive variety itself. Belongs to the Capsicum annuum species and is originated from New Mexico, USA.

Anaheim chilis can easily length more than 150mm and have inner cavities similar to the Bell Pepper.

They have been cultivated for more than 300 years in New Mexico, thus receiving the region’s name. It is still a complex task to define New Mexican varieties and subtypes. There’s a dedicated department at the New Mexican State University specialised on the study and development of new subtypes. Among the most commonly known subtypes there are the Anaheim itself, NuMex Ortega, NuMex Big Jim, Chimayo, Numex Baker, and many more.


Anaheim chilis grow on bushes with height ranging between 350 to 750 millimeters. The plants must be supported with artificial structure to bear the weigth of the chilis. Anaheim chilis are usually harvested when they reach a length ranging between 95 to 120 millimeters, approximately.

Gastronomy Tips and info

Due to their internal cavities, as well as the easy removal of their seeds, Anaheim chilis are excellent to be stuffed, for example, on recipes like Chile Rellenos recipe. They can also be grilled and served as side-dish. Normally it isn’t recommended to dry Anaheim chilis, though they are commercialized on thi way in their homeland (Anaheim chilis are called Chile Pasado when dried). All New Mexican chilis subtypes can be used for freezing or conservation.