Species: Capsicum annuum

Poblano (Ancho, Dolmalik)

Species Capsicum annuum
Origin Mexico
Scoville Unities 1.000 - 1.500
Pungency Degree 2
Unripe Color Green
Ripe Color Dark Red
Length 110 mm
Diameter 50 mm

General Info

Also one of the most popular chilis in Mexico, Poblano can reach a length ranging between 68 to 112 millimeters and average diameter of 50 millimeters. Poblano chilis are called Ancho when dried. In Turkey, there’s a very similar variety called Dolmalik, with differences only on its color. Poblano and Dolmalik are considered the same chili by many people


Poblano seeds germinate generally after 13 days. Poblano chilis can take more than 65 days to reach their ripe state and their length vary greatly. They grow on bushes that can reach a height of 650 millimeters, approximately.

Gastronomy Tips and info

Poblano chilis are commonly stewed or grilled, hardly consumed raw. They are used widely on many Mexican recipes, for example, stuffed like in Chile Rellenos recipe.