Species: Capsicum annuum

Pimenta Tepin, Piquin, Pequin

Species Capsicum annuum
Origin South America
Scoville Unities 50.000 - 100.000
Pungency Degree 7
Unripe Color Green
Ripe Color Red
Length 8 - 20 mm
Diameter 8 mm

General Info

Tepin is one of the most primitive variety of chili peppers. They are also known as Chiltepin, Piquin or Pequin. These chili peppers are very small and highly appreciated by birds. That’s one of the reasons these chili peppers have spread so quickly almost over the entire continent. In the USA it’s known as Bird Pepper. Even though belonging to the Capsicum annuum species, Tepin chili peppers usually grow pointing upwards, which is a common characteristic belonging to the Capsicum frutescens species.


Tepin are difficult to germinate and can take more than 4 weeks for the sprouts to show up. Tepin plants can take more than 115 days to reach their ripe state and can be higher than 1,7 meters.

Gastronomy Tips and Info

Tepin chili peppers are used on salads, sauces, soups and more often added to bean recipes. Tepin chili peppers are generally very small and their productivity is low. In Mexico, the smallest Tepin are used on commercially manufactured chili sauces.