Species: Capsicum annuum

Bell Pepper

Species Capsicum annuum
Origin Mexico, Central and South America
Scoville Unities 0
Pungency Degree 0
Unripe Color Green
Ripe Color Yellow, Red, Purple, Orange
Length 120 - 150 mm
Diameter 100 - 120 mm

General Info

Bell Pepper is one of the mildest varieties in the Capsicum annuum species, native to several regions of the American continent. It can reach a length ranging from 115 to 147 mm and diameter of 120 mm.

Due to its beautiful shape and shiny appearance, Bell Peppers are highly appreciated in many different countries.


Bell Peppers seeds germinate generally after 15 days. Bell Peppers can take more than 65 days to reach their ripe state and their plant can reach a height of 600 millimeters, approximately. The plants must be supported with artificial structure to bear the weight of the chilis, which is considered heavy to the plant structure.

Gastronomy Tips and info

Bell Peppers have a crunchy structure, without pungency (they don’t have capsaicin, except for the Mexibell variety). They are famous and highly used on the brazilian gastronomy. The green Bell Peppers have a bitter flavor, due to its unripe state. They are used fresh, grilled or on its dried and ground form, commonly used on paprika manufacturing. Bell Peppers are na excelent source of vitamins and many other nutrients.