Global Seed Package Search

The seed packages global search tool allows you to find all packages from other users and see their content to decide if you are going to follow the selected packages.

Three filter fields are available so you can narrow your searching using any combination. The fields available are:

  • Filter by package name: allow you to search for a specific package name
  • Filter by chilli pepper name: type in the letter of the name of the chilli pepper you are interested in. The results will only show packages containing these varieties.
  • Filter by country: type in the name of the desired country to show only profiles beloging to these countries.

When you access the global package search module you will see a random list with several packages, so you can use then as suggestions. The packages are displayed in a table format, with the following columns:

  • ID: internal seed package ID
  • Name: name of the seed package.
  • Total Seed Count: this column shows the sum of all seeds contained inside the package. You can click on this value to show a more detailed view of each chilli pepper and seed count currently available on the package.
  • Country: country of the package´s owner
  • Owner: shows gravatar and name of the package´s owner.

The last column holds two buttons so you can manage the package you are interested in. The first button allows you to see the details page of the selected package:

On the left side of the package´s details page you will see some information about the package owner:

You can also request contact to the owner by click on the button shown below, if the owner´s profile has been set to accept incoming contact requests:

If you are already following the selected package, you can unfollow it using this button:

If the package has not yet been added to your following list, you can follow the package using this button:

On the center of the details page you are going to see all chilli peppers and their quantities for the selected package.

The second button on the last column of the seed packages list allows you to follow or unfollow each package. To follow click on this button:

All the packages you follow will show this button on the last column:

Click on this button to unfollow the selected package.

Stay tuned for more releases and new modules!

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