Your Contacts

In your contact´s list you will be able to find all users that have accepted you contact request or users you approved to be your contact. To access this list, just click on the "Your Contacts" inside the module Contacts:

As soon as you enter this module, right on the top, you will find three fields to search more accurately what you want:

  • Filter by name: type in the name of the user you want to find
  • Filter by chilli pepper name: type in the name of the chilli pepper to show only users that have this variety on their lists.
  • Filter by country: type in the name of the country to filter users registered on the selected country.

On each profile preview you will find some useful information, such as the name of the user, gravatar, country, published and available seed packages at the moment. You can also revoke a contact by using this button:

And right beside the revoke contact button you wil find the edit button to access the profile details page of the selected user:

The profile details page has some useful sections with interesting information. On the left side you will find the gravatar, name, country, published and available packages from the user:

On the center of the page you will see the "Top 10 (Seeds)" section. This section shows the top 10 chilli peppers varieties with higher seed count values:

Right below the above section you will find the list of available seed packages:

For each sed package you have two available buttons: the first one allows you to access the selected seed package details page:

And the second button allows you to follow or unfollow any seed package on the list:

Stay tuned for more releases and new modules!

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